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Building Leaders:
Chick-fil-A Led
Chick-fil-A Culture
Chick-fil-A Legacy

Measured Results has partnered with Chick-fil-A Operators, David Daniels, Chris Darley, John Diamond, and Nick Westbrook to design training that equips leaders to lead themselves well, to lead others with care, and to make excellent decisions that will benefit your business.

After great success in 2022 with "Shift Leader Training" in Atlanta, we are expanding our classes in 2023 to include a progressive, stair-step approach in class offerings, from foundational to advanced classes, for your new Team Member through your Advanced Directors.


Classes will be offered virtually at the Foundations level and in-person for all other sessions.

All classes are Operator led, but facilitated and managed by Measured Results Consulting.

Participants in this program will learn to:

  • Handle the demands of the Chick-fil-A business with a proven approach

  • Change their mindset from taskmaster to people leader 

  • Explore Chick-fil-A culture and legacy by using HEART & SERVE models to value results AND relationships 

  • Increase leadership confidence through learning key leadership skills and effective communication 

  • Collaborate with other Restaurant leaders to build community and explore best practices 

  • Create an action plan to continue their growth of leadership confidence


David Daniels

Atlanta Area Operator

CarrolltonUWG &

Bankhead Hwy


John Diamond

Atlanta Area Operator

West Midtown &

Howell Mill

Darley Chris Headshot .tif


Atlanta Area Operator

East Lake &

Mercedez Benz Stadium


Nick Westbrook

Savannah Area Operator


Atlanta Market Training Co-Op

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