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After taking the online Strengthsfinder assessment, you will meet with our MRC Industrial Psychologist and an MRC Coach to debrief and discuss the optimal utilization of your strengths in your role and with your team.  We will help you create an action plan to leverage your strengths.  Many groups choose to extend the individual assessments into a team strengths session where team members discuss how to support one another in bringing their best selves to the workplace.


Our most popular starting point for the coaching relationship is the qualitative 360 assessment.  Collecting feedback through confidential interviews up, across, and down, Dr. Nygren compiles and delivers a customized assessment.   Together with the MRC Coach, the coachee establishes coaching goals related to the feedback to begin the coaching process.  What sets MRC apart is that our 360s are completely driven by the coachee in that the coachee chooses the components on which they receive feedback and then maintains ownership at all times of the process, choosing whether or not to share information and updates.


Coaching sessions will be scheduled for the same days and times each month. You determine who attends when. This is a popular decision for leadership teams that have worked with MRC on Strengthsfinder or a leadership consulting project or process.


Our executive coaching approach is centered around facilitating self-awareness and soundboarding with strategies to equip transformational behaviors and change. Our goal is to encourage a coachee to step into their full potential by offering support and accountability.

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